Hire your tutor

There is nothing more effective or efficient than being taught one-on-one by a talented and knowledgeable teacher. Unfortunately, even the best classroom teachers and lecture hall professors can't calibrate their lessons to give you the attention you deserve, but at Aryasikshak we can! Hire your tutor


We are privileged and happy to assist you in finding your right tutoring support.With our qualified and dedicated tutors you can absolutely grow with your academics.But for Aryasikshak this opportunity meant more than that,We wish to an overall growth our students.Aryasikshak is sure that we would achieve with support of our Educators,students and parents.We will make everything in our capability to achieve the overall growth of the student and so we are developing tools.

As students you can access support material of your particular class by logging into their accounts.This support material is additional to your educators shared material and we are developing an easy and effective material to support you and gain 100% out of your academics.

With additional to this we also provided a Discussion forum where you can post all your queries where you can interact with your fellow students and our educators.Asking questions is important phase of anyone learnings.So don’t hesitate to ask.No one is looking at you to judge your knowledge or this is not your classroom so never feel shy or hesitate to ask your queries.In future we working developing many more tools.

Wall of Appreciation

We applaud and congratulate our educators for their outstanding contributions and efforts